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Secondary Clubs

Clubs & Activities

At Dade Christian School, we want our students to not only excel in their Academics, but also enjoy attending after school clubs that are 


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DCS is currently offering extra-curricular activities and clubs which are also being carried onto the 2024-2025 school year.

  • Art - Mr. Mestre

  • Reading - Mrs. Suffrage - Navarro

  • Debate/Speech – Mr. J. Cruz

  • Bible - Mrs. Rossi Gonzalez

  • Math - Ms. Ubilla/Ms. Morel

  • Dance - Mrs. Aristide

  • Etiquette & Modeling - Dr. Barek (beginning 2024-2025).


Our Art in Motion Class and Club makes a great impact with our student's Arts through their Paintings, Designs, and Dance Team during our Fashion Extravaganza

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