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Fine Arts Department

The Arts are the main center of our stage at DCS

Being part of the Miami-Dade vibe where performing arts are a daily focal point, DCS also includes the arts as part of the secondary curriculum.

Our Secondary students sixth through twelfth grade have the opportunity to participate in this thriving and exciting program that further develops not only their talents and skills but also their love for the stage, helping them to appreciate the beauty of what the arts offer.

Our fine arts program includes drama, dance, music, band, and voice, thus allowing the growth of our students’ accomplishment, determination, and knowledge along with a wide-range portfolio, preparing them for college at the fine arts level.

Additionally, our Drama Program includes but is not limited to all facets of theatre, stage, backstage, scene study, production, and stage design.


Mrs. Tania Aristide 


Wooden & String Instruments 

Elementary Choir

Mr. Adam Martínez

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