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About Us

Our Secondary Department exists to train young men and women to first love and serve the Lord with all their hearts through an excellent BJU Biblical World-View curriculum, that incorporates not only the Bible, but also Language Arts, Mathematics, Sciences, History, the Arts, and elective courses that further allow the student’s growth on all levels.

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Dual Enrollment

Our Biblical World View allows our students to use critical thinking and the hands-on approach in their learning experience while understanding their place in God’s world, as it enables them to reach their full potential as God’s creation as they influence those around them.

Through the learning process and their hard work, students also have the opportunity to earn honor roll status and can continue to work towards making placement in the honor classes, which in turn will benefit their college acceptance opportunities.

Dual enrollment is also available at DCS for students to earn college credits through the college or university of their choice, while enrolled at DCS.

Our Partners

Dade Christian School has also partnered with many great colleges and universities such as:


We welcome all of our students to an atmosphere that we all call home.

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