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2K Early
Childhood Curriculum

The comprehensive two-year-old early education program provides an opportunity for children to have the best quality childcare in a Christian setting.  We recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of each child and seek to provide, for all children, an environment in which the child may learn new concepts and skills through concrete experiences and loving care.  Children are motivated to develop skills in the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social realms. 


The Abeka curriculum is used in providing a Christian based academic program that teaches the early fundamental foundations in Bible, Phonics, Numbers, Printing, Science, Health, Safety and Manners in a fun, hands-on environment.  In addition, major emphasis is placed on character development through the integration of Biblical principles throughout the daily activities.  Social interaction among the students is fostered, giving them opportunities to develop social values, sharing, group acceptance, independence, and dependability.

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