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Developing Exceptionals 

Dade Christian School was established 61 years ago with the sole intention of developing Christ-Minded individuals who also succeed academically, socially, and independently.

DCS boasts a rich history of providing excellence in education in a safe and Christ-centered environment for all of our families. In recent years, there has been a growing desire to develop a program for students with disabilities, offering the same safe environment for their social, emotional, and academic growth.

For children diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, or other developmental disabilities, our Exceptional Crusaders program will equip students to thrive in ways that allow them to achieve the highest of their capabilities. From their core subjects (Math, Reading, Science, History) to the many enrichment classes (Computers, Art, Dance Class, etc.) our students will also receive a host on in-house therapies to fulfill their individualized schedules. 

Our main goal is to provide our students with the educational foundation, and life skills needed to fulfill their God given mission at being EXCEPTIONAL.


ESE Preschool  |  Elementary  | Upper Elementary 

3K - 5K |  1st - 3rd Grade | 4th - 6th Grade

3:1 Ratio

Specialists on staff

Modified Curriculum

Self-Sufficient Learning

Inclusive/Faith-Based Environment



Enrichments - Art, Music, Library and Computers 

Soccer with Autism Kicks

Dance Class with Arts for Autism Foundation

Partnership with The Behaviorists for ABA Therapy

Crusader Pals Program

Monthly Social/Life Skills Field Trips

Monthly Parent Prayer Group


Our Exceptional Crusaders are evaluated quarterly to

determine their Crusader Accommodation Plan (CAP)

goals based on the four sectors:

Curriculum | Independent Functioning |

Social/Emotional Behavior | Communication

While teaching the Bob Jones University curriculum, a modified curriculum is utilized along with sensory friendly materials to support students academic abilities. 

With an accommodated environment, our Exceptional Crusaders are able to thrive in events with their peers such as lunch and Chapel every week. As they are included in anything DCS has to offer, our Exceptional Crusaders individual schedules encourage routine and positive development at the students natural progression.


Interested in joining our Exceptional Crusaders?

For more information, please contact our

ESE Director, Ms. Nikol .

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